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Native American - Smudging Items

Smudging is a simple way of thanking the earth and purifying a space, thoughts, crystals or any items of importance.  Variations of smudging are found in cultures throughout the world.  Smudge Shells are used to burn sage, cedar or tobacco for incense or ceremonial reasons.
Various herbs are used as a smudge that is burned in ceremonies to drive out bad spirits or feelings and is valued for its aromatic properties.
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Cedar Blend


Cedar is a sacred plant that has been burned by many Native American Indians for centuries in ceremonies of cleansing, clearing, and blessing. It is used during prayer and meditation to cleanse rooms and to clear crystals between therapy sessions, etc. The cedar smoke is used to attract positive and beneficial energies.
This cedar blend is created for smudging.  The blend contains flat cedar, sweetgrass and natural tobacco.  2 ounces.





Support your smudge bowl(s) on these attractive wooden tripod stands to protect your table,  blanket or lawn.  Available in three sizes!

Medium $3
Approximately 4"

Large $5
Approximately 6"

Extra Large $7
Approximately 8"

Abalone Shell
All of our Abalone shells are high quality.   Traditionally used as smudge bowl, these shells are very attractive to look as with the beautiful rainbow colours reflecting in the light.  We offer the shells in three sizes - medium, large and extra large.

Medium $8
Approximately 4"

Large $10
Approximately 6"

Extra Large $20

Tobacco Twist

A small natural twist of tobacco.  Good for using for yourself or for a gift.  Comes in Natural or Sweet flavor.  1 ounce.

Natural $4

Sweet $4

Mussel Shell

Wonderful Mussel Shells with serene color and beauty, measuring approximately 6 inches from side to side.


White Sage

White sage from the coastal mountains of California. This is a broad leaf sage which is prized for its strong aromatic properties. White sage has a wonderfully unique smell when burned.  It's scent is very aromatic and stronger than other sage.  1 ounce.


Sage Stick

This plant grows in the high deserts of the West.   A very convenient way to smudge.  This is desert sage wrapped into  a wand.  A unique and gentle aromatic when burned.  Approximately 1 ounce.


Sweet Grass

Sweetgrass is a rare grass which is found growing wild in very few places and is harvested by hand.  It has a fragrance of its own.  The fragrance is sweet smelling and stays with the grass forever.  When burned or dampened, the sweet scent of Sweetgrass is released into the air.  A wonderful, gentle aromatic.


Fossilized Clam

Enjoy this wonderful Fossilized Clam Shell measuring approximately 6 inches.


Scallop Shell

Beautiful, almost perfect Scallop Shells measuring approximately 6 inches from top to bottom.


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