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Metaphysical - More than (after) physical or beyond the physical and toward our understandings of an ultimate reality--god, the good, mind, soul, etc. Pendulums, special stones and smudging items are found on this page.
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Pendulums have many uses and come in many different materials and forms.   Use of  pendulums for knowledge has been recognized for many generations. 
Learning to use a pendulum can be one way to work with subtle energies surrounding and infilling the earth. 
Any crystal can be used for dowsing, but is is suggested that you begin with a stone with a broad healing ability, such as quartz or amethyst.
We offer crystal pendulums with and without  chains for dousing. 
It is suggested that you research the use of pendulums and determine which crystal or type of pendulum is appropriate for your needs.

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While beautiful in appearance, a crystal's unique characteristics imbues it with magical power. 
Crystals can be a very effective tool for recognizing and removing energy disruptions in individuals or energy sources because a crystal can amplify  the body's understanding of these disruptions. 
Crystals are known to have the power to protect, to strengthen and to uplift.  While quite attractive as decoration, their ability to enhance spiritual healing should not be ignored.
We suggest you research all crystals and determine what you want to achieve with the crystals that come into your life.

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We realize that crystals need to be protected from physical damage, however, it is important to understand that they also need to be protected from energy imbalances.  Native American and Native African tribal cultures have recognized that smudging (e.g. with sweetgrass, cedar, sage, incense, etc.) if effective for cleansing crystals of these imbalances.
Every method  of cleansing has advantages and disadvantages.  Your crystals will respond better when they are regularly cleansed, rather than letting energy imbalances accumulate over time.  It is important to get in the habit of cleansing crystals when you acquire them and before and after use.
Other types of crystal cleansing include the use of any of the following or a combination: sea water, sound, sea salt, crystal clusters or minerals, saltwater, white or golden light, de-magnetizers, flowing water, flowers or brown rice.  We suggest you research the varied methods of crystal cleansing and determine which method is correct for your crystal and for you.

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